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Child Custody Archives


Common child custody mistakes made by single parents

It's never easy raising child alone. It can be even more difficult when a single parent has to head to court to fight a child custody battle he or she thought would never come. Mistakes can happen during the process and may hurt the outcome you were hoping for in the custody fight.

How do I make joint custody work?

Joint child custody is sticky situation for millions of families across the country. Many parents, even those who naturally get along, might have trouble handling a joint custody arrangement. If this is the case, there are steps to take to make the situation as easy going as possible. So, how do I make joint custody work?

Should your children have a say during your divorce?

Divorce doesn't just impact you and your spouse. Your children's lives are changing as well. Should they be able to tell you what they want as you figure out a parenting plan and get a child custody agreement in place, or should you just do what you think is best for them? 

Same-sex custody case lawsuit allowed to proceed

A same-sex custody case lawsuit is allowed to proceed after a U.S. District Court judge in Vermont issued a ruling this week. The lawsuit was filed by a woman whose former civil union partner left the country with the couple's child instead of sharing custody. The judge ruled the lawsuit could proceed because one of the defendants is set to be sentenced in a separate criminal case.

How to solve a child custody dispute in Maryland

Child custody issues crop up all the time in Maryland and not many parents know how to solve them. These issues can sometimes be solved easily, but there are times when others need to get involved. The many of child custody issues in Maryland are solved before they reach the court level due to the options explained below.

Keeping the holidays enjoyable for kids after a separation or divorce

The holiday season can be difficult to navigate for many reasons. This may be particularly true when a couple that has children is in the midst of or newly divorced. Since so many of the season's traditions are geared toward children, many would agree that parents should do everything they can to make the gatherings and celebrations good for the children. There are multiple things that can be done to ensure the kids are not put in the middle and are able to enjoy the season.

Maryland still doesn't stop rapists from claiming parental rights

Imagine having to face your rapist on a regular basis for 18 years all because you share a child together--a child conceived during that rape. Worse, your right to the custody of your child could be challenged by your rapist and there's no law to prevent him from dragging you into court over and over again regarding parenting issues.

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