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Retired Maryland Judge was able to make a difference

A recently retired Maryland Judge, Judge C. Philip Nichols Jr., reflected on his decades-long career on the bench and was happy to "be part of something that made a difference." The 19th Chief Judge of the 7th Judicial Circuit of Maryland in Prince George's County retired on his 70th birthday, which is the state-imposed retirement age for judges.

How to know you are ready for a divorce

The topic of divorce is no longer a taboo. In fact, so many couples get divorced that it has become a common occurrence in Maryland. No matter how long your marriage lasted, it can still be difficult to determine if it's time for divorce. Here are some common questions to ask yourself to determine if divorce is appropriate for you and your spouse.

Can mediation help you agree on terms for an uncontested divorce?

You and your former spouse may agree that divorce is in the best interest of everyone involved. You may even agree on some or all of the terms. However, there are probably still some issues, like division of assets or child custody, that you can't agree on. Many couples start out considering an uncontested divorce but end up in a protracted court battle when they fail to agree on terms for the divorce. You don't have to let that happen to your family. If you and your former spouse are sure that divorce is in your future but you're struggling with the details, it may be time to consider mediation.

Can collaborative divorce work for you?

Sometimes, an issue preventing someone from getting a divorce is the possibility of spending tens of thousands of dollars that they do not have trying to protect their rights. Indeed, no one wants to be taken advantage of in divorce simply because they don't have a financial warchest to defend themselves. Because of this, some people waste a great deal of time trying to gain a tactical advantage.

The most inopportune times to initiate a divorce

With the calendar turning to May, we are still quite a ways away from January. Why is that significant? Because the first month of the New Year is traditionally the most popular month for divorces to be initiated. It is likely that people in troubled marriages want to start the New Year fresh by leaving a troubling spouse.

Parental relocation and divorce in Maryland

Divorce is a touchy subject for some, especially children. Sometimes children just don't understand why their parents are divorcing. They might blame one parent over the other or they might even blame themselves. The fact of the matter is that divorce affects each child differently. A divorced couple in Maryland should know how parental relocation affects the child.

Should your children have a say during your divorce?

Divorce doesn't just impact you and your spouse. Your children's lives are changing as well. Should they be able to tell you what they want as you figure out a parenting plan and get a child custody agreement in place, or should you just do what you think is best for them? 

Important issues to discuss with your divorce attorney

Filing for a divorce is never easy, even if your marriage has been strained for quite some time. You should know what to expect when filing for divorce in Maryland. Divorce can be contentious. It can be quick and painless if you and your spouse get along well. It can also be confusing and difficult if there are high assets involved. Here are some important issues to discuss with your divorce attorney.

Thinking of separating? You may want to do it legally

Usually, when a couple is thinking of divorce, they separate in order to decide if they want to go through with a permanent split or attempt a reconciliation. However, if you and your husband do not want to permanently divorce but need to separation, a court approved separation might be your best option.

Tips for succeeding during and after divorce in Maryland

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved to deal with, especially when the couple has been together for quite some time. Surviving divorce can be done, especially if you prepare for what to expect as it all unfolds. Here are some helpful tips for succeeding during and after divorce in Maryland.

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