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Family law experts seeing an increase in women paying alimony

People in Montgomery County probably think that when it comes to alimony, it is usually the ex-husband who is paying and the ex-wife who is the recipient. And for many years, that was most likely the case in Maryland and throughout the nation. However, with the increase in the number of women in the workforce, it should come as no surprise that women are increasingly being ordered to pay alimony to their ex-husbands.

Alimony, more commonly known in the legal world as spousal support, is meant to provide balance in a divorce case that involves one spouse who earns more, sometimes significantly more, than the other. Spousal support can make a huge difference when there is an income gap among former spouses.

A survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers recently detailed a response that nearly half of the attorneys surveyed reported seeing an increase over the last three years in the number of women who are required to pay spousal support. The attorneys who were surveyed are experts in the field of family law. In addition, 56 percent of these attorneys also reported seeing an increase in the number of women who were required to pay child support as well.

No matter what the circumstances, going through a divorce can be hard on everyone involved. A divorce can be especially draining, however, when spousal support and children are in play. The best option in those situations is an agreed-upon arrangement, but that is not always possible. When things get complicated, it may be best to have an experienced family law attorney advocating your positions and rights in the courtroom.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “More Women Paying Child Support and Alimony,” May 8, 2012

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