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Former NFL star requests child support agreement modification

Many of our Maryland readers – especially those who are Baltimore Ravens fans – probably remember former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Johnson terrorized his AFC North division rivals for several years before his career began a quick and decisive downward trajectory. He was once considered one of the best wide receivers in football, but he hasn’t played any significant downs in quite a while, last being a short-term member of the Miami Dolphins. As it turns out, Johnson’s football career prospects aren’t his only problem: since he is basically unemployed, he is reportedly having trouble paying child support as well.

According to reports, Johnson’s child support agreement requires monthly payments of $66,000 to the mother of his child. To most people this probably sounds like more than enough to take care of any child’s financial needs, but it was an amount that Johnson agreed to. Without a job in the National Football League, however, Johnson has come forward to request a child support agreement modification.

These types of modifications are not uncommon. Many parents who are more than willing to make payments that are intended help support their child’s needs might simply be unable to make the same contributions as always due to a change in circumstances. A change in employment, as is the case for Johnson, is one of the primary reasons why a modification would be granted. However, Johnson, and any parent in similar circumstances, must also demonstrate that despite their best efforts they are unable to find a similar position which would pay a similar income.

In Johnson’s case, his football days might be over, but what will he do for employment now? That question is likely to come up in his modification hearings.

Source:, “Chad Johnson cannot pay child support: Ex-NFL star files court documents,” Shaunee Flowers, May 20, 2013

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