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What is the best response in a child support dispute?

For many Maryland couples who go through a divorce animosity is unavoidable – at least at first. It is probably very rare that both spouses will come through the process without ill will directed toward each other, and that is understandable. Even the most amicable divorces can still leave one or the other spouse with hurt feelings, a sense of loss or feelings of betrayal. This can be especially true if children and child support issues are involved.

So, post-divorce, when “life happens” and a child support order may need to be modified due to a change of circumstances for the paying parent, how will the receiving parent react? That very question was pondered in a recent article, which indicated that the reaction to this complicated situation could go a long way toward either a quick and satisfactory resolution or further complications.

The article attempted to simplify the issue: does the receiving parent in the child support dispute take the issue to court or seek an alternative, mediated resolution? Obviously the financial needs of the child need to be met regardless of a parent’s situation, but, as the article suggests, taking an ex-spouse back to court in the event of, say, a lack of payment due to job loss, can be like trying to get blood from a turnip.

As is the case in many family law disputes, the article seems to suggest that a mediated response is the best approach for the receiving parent. Further courtroom litigation in this type of situation could serve to simply aggravate the relationship between the two parents exponentially – leaving the child or children involved as the ones who ultimately suffer the most because of the friction between their parents.

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