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Relocation can include many hurdles for custodial parent

When the divorce process is finally over, many people are just glad that they can move on with the agreements or judgments reached in the case, particularly those involving child custody. Every issue that comes up in divorce has the…

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Baseball star ordered to pay more child support

Many couples in Maryland who have a child together have unequal incomes. While this is not often a problem while the couples are raising their children together, it can become a contentious issue when the parents separate or divorce. Both…

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Know your assets prior to a divorce

When a Maryland resident is contemplating the decision on whether or not to file for divorce, they usually have more questions than answers. As previous posts here have mentioned, having the right information before a decision is made can make…

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Child custody, the holidays and divorce

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, many of our Maryland readers have made it through one family holiday and are looking forward to the next. Although most people enjoy this time of the year for all of the get-togethers…

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