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Charlie Sheen may be headed for a serious child support dispute

Everybody knows Charlie Sheen. Love him or hate him, he certainly does not lack media attention due to some of his more outlandish behavior. However, as “out there” as Sheen may seem to most people, recent reports indicate that he may be going through a family law situation that many Maryland residents can relate to a child support agreement modification.

According to a recent report, Sheen and his ex-wife, actress Denise Richards, are in the beginning stages of what could blow up into a nasty child support dispute. Sheen is reportedly supposed to pay Richards $55,000 per month in child support – an incredible amount for sure, but one which Sheen doesn’t seem to lack the ability to pay, especially since he landed on his feet with a new television series after he was fired from “Two and a Half Men.” The problem, it appears, is over the home where Richards lives with their two daughters – a home that Sheen owns and now reportedly wants to sell.

The financial aspects of this situation aren’t the only concerns, however. The reports also indicate that Richards has recently restricted Sheen’s access to his daughters. This, in turn, apparently has Sheen thinking that he does not need to be paying such a high amount in child support if he does not get the requisite amount of visitation.

Although the dollar amounts in Sheen’s case are far outside the normal figures that everyday Maryland residents deal with, family law issues are actually quite common. When someone is ordered to pay child support it is reasonable to expect to enjoy visitation. Ultimately, when both sides aren’t complying with a child support and child custody arrangement like they should, oftentimes it will end up in front of a judge to make changes if needed.

Source: WebProNews, “Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards To Battle Over Housing and Child Support Payments,” Meaghan Ellis, March 23, 2014

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