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Man who owes $96K in child support ordered to stop having kids

Maryland parents know that they must be able to financially support they have or they could face strict penalties from the court. In order to penalize those who do not pay child support payments as required, courts and child support agencies may garnish wages, intercept gambling winnings or even impose jail time. One Ohio man recently received an unusual punishment from the judge: no more children until he pays back the more than $96,000 that he already owes.

The 35-year-old father of four is on probation for five years, due to his delinquent payments. During that time, he is not allowed to impregnate a woman. If he pays back the entire amount he owes, the judge may lift the ban.

Opponents of the unconventional punishment say that it infringes on the man’s civil rights. They believe it is unfair because it strips the man of his rights to father children and engages in sexual relations.

Does the man have a job? If so, the child support agency can garnish his wages. It can also take payments from tax refunds, lottery winnings, and government checks. But ordering the man to stop having kids? It may seem like a logical punishment: why should people keep having children when they cannot support the ones they already have?

There is debate over whether or not this is constitutional. Regardless, this case demonstrates that child support cases have consequences beyond money. Those involved in the cases may need to consult with an attorney to fully understand their rights and responsibilities.

Source: FOX 17 News, “Judge Tells Man to Stop Having Kids; Owes Nearly $100,000 in Child Support,” May 15, 2014

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