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Why a high asset divorce needs a detailed separation agreement

When Maryland couples divorce, they may look to the divorce decree to review negotiations on asset division, child support, child custody, and other common divorce issues. However, many lawyers now go a step further and create separation agreements as well. A separation agreement is basically the summary of all the items that the husband and wife have discussed and negotiated on. Our law firm understands the importance of a detailed agreement, and how it is generally a must for something as complex as a high asset divorce.

The ability for the couple to negotiate is crucial. In order to negotiate, a lawyer will analyze the financial situations of both parties. This will include any business assets, stocks, pensions, and homes. Once the couple discusses property division, the couple will then discuss spousal support, child support, and custody, if applicable. Ideally, the separation agreement will include ways to deal with future disagreements. It may also include future life events, such as remarriage, children, relocation, and retirement.

It is important for a separation agreement to include every little detail and our attorneys are knowledgeable about the necessary steps to ensure a detailed divorce agreement. We have experience representing business owners, wealthy couples, or others with a significant amount of assets. Accuracy and enforceability are also key traits for an agreement to have, so the more thorough it is, the better.

By working together and communicating amicably, a divorcing couple can make the split easier, quicker, and less expensive than litigation in court. Although a high asset divorce can be complicated to sort through, the right legal representation can help you and your spouse sort through all your issues and allow you to move on. Our law firm’s high asset divorce overview could help outline the process and possible options to resolve your divorce legal issues.

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