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How MD workers avoid child support wage garnishments

When a Maryland struggling single parent is unable to get timely child support payments from an ex, he or she may contact the local child support agency to seek wage garnishment. While this may work for some parents, many paying parents find ways to receive income without having wages garnished. They do this by becoming independent contractors, which means they are either paid cash for their services or as a 1099 employer, which means they are considered self-employed and therefore pay their own taxes. This is an issue that has no doubt affected many Maryland parents who rely on child support to get by.

Many employers have seen instances of new employees quitting after the first paycheck once they notice that their wages are being garnished. These employers later find that the employees have gone on to become independent contractors. This type of worker misclassification is common among the service and construction industries. It does not only affect child support, but taxes and unemployment paid to the state as well. In addition, employers get out of paying workers’ compensation and overtime. It is an especially huge problem in Texas and the state is looking for ways to fix this situation.

Employers cannot simply ignore child support orders. If the laws are not followed, the attorney general’s office will call employers and explain the law. It will then follow up with letters if the employer still fails to abide by the laws.

Delinquent payments make caring for a child extremely difficult for a custodial parent on a limited income. Children have financial needs such as food, clothing and medical car, all which can costly. While there are various ways to enforce child support, many parents still find ways to avoid it. It may to wise to consult with a family law attorney to understand the options available.

Source: The Texas Tribune, “Ducking Child Support by Becoming a ‘Contractor’,” Julian Aguilar, April 2, 2015

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