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Creating an accurate child support plan through diligence

Maryland uses a calculator and formula to determine the amount of money and child support plan that non-custodial parents must pay. However, disputes arise when the support payment causes a financial burden. Most non-custodial parents are obligated to pay child support, but this can be problematic when they are suffering from job loss, bankruptcy, or a job with irregular income. But, by thoroughly assessing one’s economic and employment situations, it’s possible to reach an agreement that is favorable for both sides.

Not everyone earns a regular paycheck. Some people own their own businesses and therefore cannot predict their income. Some work as independent contractors or freelancers and may make a lot of money in a short period of time and then be without work for several months or longer. It’s important to create a child support plan agreement that takes these situations into consideration. It’s also crucial that the agreement include expenses such as medical bills, college tuition, and other irregular situations.

Even when there is an agreement in place, it’s not necessarily enforceable forever. Life changes occur, and sometimes parents must deal with job loss or relocation. Sometimes they face expensive financial emergencies, such as when a car or appliance breaks down or when a pet is sick or injured and needs veterinary care. But, with modification, the non-custodial parents can pay lesser amounts for a temporary period of time until they get back on their feet.

We understand that raising a child is no easy feat – physically, emotionally, or financially. As experienced divorce and family law attorneys, we attempt to help our clients resolve their child support disputes through diligence with an accurate child support plan.

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