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Avoid any pitfalls regarding the distribution of your property

Even though Maryland is an equitable distribution state, property and assets are not necessarily divided equally during divorce proceedings. A lot of things are taken into consideration by a family law judge, all of which can play a major factor in what spouses get in the split and how much.

For both spouses, property division and distribution is perhaps the most frustrating step of the divorce process for this very reason. Many feel like they aren’t getting a fair deal, especially if their marital assets are particularly complex and difficult to separate equitably. In many situations, retirement plans, business ownerships, second homes, and investments can all affect how much each spouse gets. And in the end, it might not be the amount either spouse was considering.

With the help of a practiced lawyer, such as any of the attorneys found here at the McKeon Law Firm, individuals in Maryland can avoid the pitfall of potentially getting the proverbial short end of the stick. This is because attorneys, like those at our law firm, know the best ways to untangle assets and can recognize situations in which it may be necessary to call in financial experts.

As we tell our Gaithersburg readers time and again, you don’t have to take on divorce proceedings alone – especially not the division of your property and marital assets. You can obtain legal counsel. Doing so generally saves time and money in the long run as well as the stress and frustration of trying to take on something that is complicated and nuanced on its own.

You deserve results. The McKeon Law Firm can help with that.

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