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When women have to focus on career after divorce, part 2

A couple of our recent posts have discussed alimony and how the form of financial support is rarely permanent. Often (but certainly not always) women are the parties who might have sacrificed their career during a marriage. Therefore, they are the parties, post-divorce, who might need alimony to support them until they can reasonably support their lifestyle on their own.

Discovering one’s individual financial stability is a difficult aspect of divorce, but it can also be empowering — for men and women. Our posts have specifically focused on women’s success in the workforce. Advice on professional achievement for women will hopefully inspire some readers to secure a stronger, more empowering post-divorce life.

As a prior post introduced, Business Insider interviewed several powerful female professionals within Wall Street. The women gave some of their personal career advice that they believe helped them succeed:

  • Don’t give into the pressure to be “one of the guys.” Especially if you have proven that you are good at your job, be yourself — “your best self.”
  • Set short-term, measurable goals. Achieving those will equate to success in the long term without seeming overwhelming.
  • Focus. Focus on your career and identify your specific goals.
  • Reach out and network with people who motivate, interest, and inspire you if the opportunity presents itself.
  • When it comes to the trajectory of your career, you have to and can be in control. You cannot simply rely on others to get you where you want to be.

Control can become a primary goal for a lesser-earning party after divorce. Now that someone is finally out of an unhappy marriage, securing individual happiness includes achieving financial stability and no longer having to rely on an ex’s support to get by.

It can feel liberating to be able to afford life and succeed on your own, but you still are likely owed alimony rights in Maryland following your divorce. Talk to a local alimony attorney to identify your legal options.

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