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Why did Brad Pitt fail to answer divorce petition?

By now, nearly everyone in Maryland has heard about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s breakup. Jolie filed divorce papers to which Pitt failed to respond. The question is why.

Pitt might not have filed a response because he and Jolie are attempting to work out their issues without the intervention of the court. This often serves two purposes. The first is that the details of any divorce settlement they negotiate will more than likely remain private. Secondly, people are often more satisfied with the outcome of their cases when they are in control of them.

Courts here in Maryland and across the country will often encourage the parties to work out their issues outside the courtroom, if possible. This is because contentious divorces that require a judge to make decisions on behalf of the parties rarely result in either party being satisfied with the final decree. As long as the settlement does not violate current law or contravene public policy, it will more than likely be approved by the court. However, if negotiations break down or there are one or two issues upon which the parties cannot agree, they can go to the courts for a decision.

Maryland couples who are contemplating divorce — or who are in the initial stages of a divorce — might follow the example of Pitt and Jolie. No one knows a couple’s family dynamic and needs better than they do. Negotiating a settlement on their own with the help of their attorneys could ensure that each of them has the best chance at a secure financial future after the proceedings.

Source:, “Here’s Why Brad Pitt Probably Hasn’t Responded to Angelina Jolie’s Divorce Filing“, Samantha Schnurr and Holly Passalaqua, Oct. 21, 2016

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