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We will fight to get our clients every dollar in a divorce

When you divorce, to depict your financial status accurately, you must list your expenses, liabilities and assets. These financial disclosures are very important if you are to receive your fair share of the marital property in the divorce.

Under- or overestimating any of the above is courting disaster. Not only could you cheat yourself out of some assets, but because you have to sign off on these disclosures attesting they are true to the best of your knowledge, you can run into trouble if you are not honest and accurate.

It’s possible to arrange for financial professionals to prepare a detailed lifestyle analysis to establish your standard of living during your marriage. That can then be used by our attorneys to justify to the Court your living and spending expenses, which is of particular importance when your ex is crying poor.

Because it is so comprehensive, a lifestyle analysis takes into account seasonal expenses that may get overlooked and left out of the accounting. It factors in fluctuations, so if you are seeking spousal support, it can target figures almost down to the penny, giving a penurious spouse very little wiggle room.

When you are getting divorced, you will discover that you have to be on the alert for any discrepancies in what your ex reports and what you know to be the true numbers. Our attorneys will work with you to crunch numbers that reflect the most positive financial picture possible for your future.

This can include both child and spousal support, your portion of any pensions and retirement accounts and all other assets.

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