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How alimony works in Maryland

Alimony is a payment made periodically from one spouse to another after a divorce and can be ordered by the Court. The payments typically last for a set time period so the formerly dependent spouse can become self-supporting. Alimony can only be awarded in Maryland before a divorce becomes final. This means that a spouse cannot come back after the divorce has gone final and ask for alimony payments.

The Courts in Maryland are not able to change an alimony agreement that has been signed by the divorcing parties and that states the support is non-modifiable. Sometimes, agreements made by the divorcing couple can include more than just direct upkeep payments. They could also include payments on behalf of the dependent spouse for mortgages and other loans. For the most part, alimony ordered by the Courts will only be a periodic payment.

There are three types:

Alimony pendente lite

This is awarded by the Court after you file for divorce and lasts until the divorce is final. Its purpose is to keep the status quo while the divorce is being finalized. This type of spousal support does not guarantee that more will be awarded following the divorce.

Rehabilitative alimony

This is payment that is most likely to be awarded in a divorce case in Maryland. This alimony is associated with a time-limited goal. For example, maybe you need to go back to school prior to working. The spousal support will be paid to you for the length of time you are in school and then returning to the workforce.

Indefinite alimony

Indefinite spousal support is more rare in Maryland. If ordered, it has no end date attached to it. Indefinite support is awarded when a person’s illness, age, or disability does not allow them to become self-supporting. It is also issued when the standard of living of the former spouse is “unconscionably disparate” from the other spouse. This is when there is a large and unfair difference between the two standards of living.

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Source: The People’s Law Library of Maryland, “Alimony and Its Purpose,” accessed Feb. 03, 2017

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