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Can collaborative divorce work for you?

Sometimes, an issue preventing someone from getting a divorce is the possibility of spending tens of thousands of dollars that they do not have trying to protect their rights. Indeed, no one wants to be taken advantage of in divorce simply because they don’t have a financial war chest to defend themselves. Because of this, some people waste a great deal of time trying to gain a tactical advantage instead of opting for a collaborative divorce.

So for those who are not intent on digging in their heels and do not have a huge budget, there is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Essentially, collaborative divorce can help eliminate the posturing, threats and subversive behavior that often leads to wasted resources and hard feelings.

In a collaborative divorce, couples pledge to work together to find solutions to their differences. They use joint resources to answer legal questions so that both parties can be informed of their rights and options. Also, the attorneys who work through the collaborative process promise only to represent the parties only in working toward a solution. If they cannot reach an accord and the parties opt to litigate, the attorneys must withdraw from representation.

Ultimately, the collaborative process treats divorce like a business transaction and essentially requires the parties to put aside their differences. More importantly, it can help couples save money in the process so that post-divorce life can be affordable.

Of course, there are pros and cons to every approach.  To find out if a collaborative divorce is right for you and if you have additional questions, an experienced family law attorney can help.

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