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Reasons to request alimony modification

Alimony is support paid by one spouse to the other when the couple divorces. It can be used to pay the bills, pay for insurance, pay loans, buy groceries, pay for other necessities and much more. There are times when the alimony modification needs to happen, but there aren’t many reasons for this to happen.

The first reason is that both you and your former spouse have come to an agreement on the modification. Make sure you get this in writing. Even if both of you agree on the new terms, it is still best to have the modification signed by a judge.

Change of circumstance is another reason why an alimony agreement may be modified. Types of change of circumstance include the following:

– Change in the Maryland state law

– Increase in income for payor or payee

– Cohabitation

– Financial emergency

– Disability

– New support obligation

– Decreased need for support

Temporary modifications to alimony agreements can also be made in Maryland. Temporary modifications can occur when one of the parties involved suffers an illness, loses his or her job, or comes into another type of hardship. The modifications can be made for either party involved and can reflect an increase or a decrease in the amount of support. The modification typically lasts for a set period as defined by the court.

An experienced Gaithersburg, Maryland, family law attorney can answer all of your questions surrounding alimony modification should you need to receive higher payments from your former spouse.

Source: Divorce Support, “4 Reasons to Request a Modification of Alimony,” Cathy Meyer, accessed May 05, 2017

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