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The most inopportune times to initiate a divorce

With the calendar turning to May, we are still quite a ways away from January. Why is that significant? Because the first month of the New Year is traditionally the most popular month for divorces to be initiated. It is likely that people in troubled marriages want to start the New Year fresh by leaving a troubled spouse through divorce.

For some people, January is too long to wait and they want to get out of the marriage sooner rather than later. But with all things, there are good times and bad times to initiate a divorce. With that, we highlight the worst times to start divorce proceedings.

Just before a friend or family member’s wedding – The days before a wedding are supposed to be a celebration of love and the couple’s commitment to each other. This type of celebration should not be hijacked by the depression and anger that comes with initiating a divorce. Indeed there are some people who feel liberated with the prospect of divorce, but reserving the news may be better for everyone involved.

Before a child’s graduation – It may be especially cruel to serve divorce papers right before or during a child’s graduation. These times are just as important to a parent as it is a child. It may be tempting to serve someone who has walked out and just wants to take credit during a celebratory time, but it could negatively affect a child and give them a negative memory they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Before a bonus is awarded – Most people who are considering divorce don’t know that they may be eligible to collect a portion of a spouse’s bonus. However, depending on when the divorce is initiated, a substantial, yet unpaid bonus could be considered separate property.

If you have additional questions about when divorces should happen, an experienced family law attorney can help.

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