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How to know you are ready for a divorce

The topic of separation is no longer a taboo. In fact, so many couples get divorced that it has become a common occurrence in Maryland. No matter how long your marriage lasted, it can still be difficult to determine if it’s time for divorce. Here are some common questions to ask yourself to determine if separation is appropriate for you and your spouse.

The first question is the most obvious one: Do you still have feelings for your spouse? Many people who want to file for divorce claim they still have feelings for their spouse. The issue at hand is that there’s a power struggle between the two. Your best bet here is to work on the relationship first before making a decision.

The second question: Is divorce just a threat or are you truly ready? Many people in a difficult relationship will use the threat of divorce to get results from their spouse. Those who routinely threaten seperation lose credibility with themselves and their spouse. But, for those who are making a real threat, it might be time to file.

The third question: Is there an agenda for wanting a divorce? There should be no agenda for wanting a divorce except the fact that you want the marriage to end. If there is an agenda, then you likely really aren’t ready for a divorce.

The fourth question: Can you handle the consequences? There are consequences to separation and some of them are very unpleasant. These include changes to your finances, lifestyle, traditions, child’s outlook and more. If you are not ready for these consequences then you likely are not ready.

The fifth question: Is this a sincere decision? The decision to separate should be a sincere one and not an emotional one. If it is an emotional one you likely are not ready.

Headed for divorce in Maryland? Want a better understanding of what a divorce in Mayland may look like? An experienced family law attorney can answer all of your questions and explain the process thoroughly so you are prepared for what comes next.

Source: Mediate, “Are You Really Ready for Divorce? The 8 Questions You Need to Ask,” Bruce Derman, accessed June 02, 2017

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