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How do I acquire back child support in Maryland?

Dealing with support issues can be stressful to the point where some want to give in and end the fight. But, because this involves children, very few parents will lay down when their children are not getting what they deserve. Handling issues related to back child support is best done with the help of a family law attorney. Here’s how you can acquire back child support payments.

If the back support is worth $500 or more you can have the federal tax refund of the child’s other parent intercepted by the state of Maryland under the Child Support Administration. Notice is sent to the debtor 30 days prior to the interception of the refund so he or she can appeal the amount or make the payment so the refund is not intercepted. The same can be done for a state refund if the debt is worth $150 or more.

You can also ask to have the debtor’s driver’s license suspended if he or she is not paying required child support. This can be done for those who have not complied for 60 or more days. The case is sent to the Motor Vehicle Administration.

The wages of the debtor can be garnished if he or she does not make support payments. Withholding wages ensures that the recipient receives the proper amount regularly and on time. This is the most common method used in Maryland.

The debtor can also be reported by the Child Support Administration to the credit bureaus for being delinquent on payments. Reporting can be done when the debtor is 60 days or more behind on payments.

Having trouble getting your child’s other parent to pay mandated child support? Working with an experienced family law attorney in Gaithersburg can help you receive back payments and get on a regular schedule.

Source: Maryland Department of Human Resources, “Enforcement Tools,” accessed July 31, 2017

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