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Prenuptials and postnuptials can help you in the future

Prenuptials and postnuptials – having to decide who is going to walk away with what is a difficult aspect of the divorce process. If you have a bit of forethought, you can take steps before you even get married to make this process easier if the marriage does end.

Before you get married, you might decide that you would like your significant other to sign a prenuptial agreement. It helps to know that the archaic ideas about these agreements don’t really have any place in the function of the documents today.

Modern prenuptial agreements must be agreed upon by both parties. Also, the agreement can’t be hurriedly signed on the way to the wedding. Both you and your betrothed must have ample time to review the document, preferably with your respective attorneys.

Another point to remember is that a prenuptial agreement should be equitable, taking into consideration all of the factors. There is some misconception about how a prenuptial agreement should handle situations in which one spouse is a higher earner than the other. We can help you determine what should be included in your prenuptial agreement

If you are already married, you might decide that you want the protections similar to those provided by a prenup. Since you already married your spouse, instead of a prenup, you will need a postnuptial agreement. Signing a postnup can help you keep tabs of what is going to happen to your property if the marriage doesn’t work out.

We can help you to explore the purpose, scope, and execution of a prenuptials or postnuptials agreement.

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