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Divorce month: January has a spike in divorce cases

Typically, January sees a significant jump in divorce cases filings. With the new year comes big changes. For many couples, that means ending their marriages.

Some even call January “Divorce Month.” Studies have disputed its claim to fame, with one saying that people get divorced more often in March and August. However, even if that’s true, the spike can’t be denied.

Why? One reason is the fun and festivity of the holiday season. Some experts note that people may try one more time to keep the marriage together. The festive atmosphere and time off work can help. When they get to January and the holidays end, though, they’re thrown back to reality and realize they do want to end the marriage.

Another reason is simply that married couples with kids may have started talking about divorce cases in the fall, but they don’t want to split up in December. They know how magical Christmas is for the children. They don’t want to ruin that. Getting divorced in January means the kids still enjoy the holidays and have nearly a year to adjust before those holidays come back around again.

Some experts have suggested a different reason, though: The holidays make you more emotional. All that time with family and the stress of the season can actually accentuate how unhappy you are with the marriage as you feel stressed, angry, or frustrated. A holiday season that is full of anxiety instead of fun may inspire people to seek an alternative through divorce.

Source: Reader’s Digest, “This Is Why January Is the Biggest Month for Divorce,” Claire Nowak, accessed Jan. 10, 2018

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