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The complex relationship between marriage, age and divorce

People don’t get married as young as they used to. A 2015 study found that men got married at 29 years old, on average, while women got married at 27 years old.

Experts noted that there were a lot of benefits to waiting, rather than getting married in one’s teens or early 20s. For instance, the financial security of already having a career can be helpful when compared to those who get married in college, before starting their careers.

So, does that mean couples would be best off to wait as long as they can? Not necessarily.

Another study found that the odds of divorce start going back up again for people who wait too long. This begins at 32 years old. With every year past 32 that goes by, the odds of divorce jump by another 5 percent.

The data for that study came from 2006 to 2010. It was from the National Survey of Family Growth, and the study was carried out by a sociologist from the University of Utah.

Why does this happen? That’s open to speculation. Perhaps older people are more independent and do not enjoy the constraints of a marriage. One theory, put forth by the man who did the study, is that people who still aren’t married by age 32 (and older) just struggle with interpersonal relationships. Those who don’t, are already married. Therefore, those getting married a few years later may continue to struggle in their relationships even after tying the knot.

Are you thinking of ending your marriage? As you move forward, be sure you understand your rights, the property division process, and what legal steps must be taken for an official divorce.

Source: Yahoo, “If You Marry After This Age, You’re More Likely to Divorce,” Elise Solé, accessed Jan. 4, 2018

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