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What are benefits of uncontested divorce?

While there is usually some form of sadness or disappointment in any divorce, some couples find that they can achieve their divorce goals without a lengthy, protracted battle over assets and other common divorce issues. These couples often benefit from filing for uncontested divorce instead of using traditionally litigated divorce.

If you and your spouse hope to achieve a calm, respectful divorce, if you have very few assets to deal with in the divorce, or if your marriage is relatively short-lived, then an uncontested divorce is often an excellent option to consider. In addition to keeping the process streamlined and low-pressure, it is also significantly less costly for both parties.

If you and your spouse may benefit from an uncontested divorce, it is wise to still consider consulting with an experienced divorce attorney. Even in its simplest forms, divorce is often much more complicated than couples expect, especially considering the relative ease of obtaining a marriage certificate. You want to make sure you have all the information and guidance that you need to keep your rights protected, even if you plan to approach divorce calmly and responsibly.

Advantages of uncontested divorce

Some of the expenses of divorce are unavoidable, but an uncontested divorce is often much less expensive than a traditionally litigated divorce, for several reasons. Chief among them is that uncontested divorce usually requires much less back-and-forth between legal teams and probably fewer official filings and petitions in general. The fewer steps you can keep between you and the divorce finish line, generally the less expensive your divorce can stay.

However, it is not only useful because of the cheaper price tag. When the divorce petition is filed as uncontested, the forms request much less information for the petition. This is helpful to couples who wish to protect their privacy. While you may find it difficult to seal traditionally litigated court documents, there is so little personal information needed in an uncontested divorce that most couples have no great fear of privacy violations from such public documents.

Be sure that you understand your rights and obligations

Without professional legal counsel, it is easy to make a costly mistake in divorce preparation and filing, especially if you and your spouse choose to file for your divorce using forms you might find online, even if the provider claims that the forms are state-specific.

Make sure that you have all the information you need to protect your rights during this important and often delicate season of life.

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