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Protect yourself going into marriage with a prenuptial agreement

An engagement is a huge step for any couple. Between that day and the wedding, there are many things that have to be planned. While it is all too easy to get caught up in the wedding plans, you can’t forget to make plans like a prenuptial agreement that will help protect you if the marriage falls apart.

Getting a prenuptial agreement together is something that is often associated with wealthy individuals. It might shock you to know that just about any engaged couple can get one of these plans together before the big day. Even though there are some negative thoughts about prenuptial agreements, they benefit both parties.

Start the discussion early

prenuptial agreement isn’t something that you can spring on your future spouse when you are walking out the door to the ceremony. Both parties have to be able to review the terms of the agreement and to think about it. Trying to make the decision happen quickly could mean that the court may consider the agreement was signed under duress. Instead, start the discussion about the prenup as early as possible and get the document together and presented as soon as possible so that both adults have time to consider the terms.

Include important financial matters

Financial matters, such as what is going to happen with alimony if a divorce occurs, should be included in this document. You can cover retirement accounts and other assets, but make sure that you think carefully about how you handle these. One consideration is if you are older or have children from a previous relationship. In these cases, you need to consider how you will provide for those children if you pass away. You also need to think about what might happen if you need to move into an assisted living facility.

Keep out matters related to children

While there aren’t very many limitations to a prenuptial agreement, matters related to children generally can’t be included. You can’t limit or stipulate child support matters or custody matters in a prenuptial agreement. These can only be handled at the time that a divorce occurs.

Remember that a prenup isn’t a desire to fail

Some people think that coming up with a prenuptial agreement is an acknowledgment that you think the marriage will fail. This isn’t the case. Instead, it is planning to protect yourself if things do go downhill. You can think of it as sort of an insurance policy. You don’t plan to be involved in a car crash, but you pay for auto insurance anyway.

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