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Get your vacation plans moving forward now

As the summer months come up, you might find yourself getting antsy. Summer is a time for fun memories and vacations. If you have a child custody agreement for your children, you will need to review that document carefully to find out if there are any restrictions to your summer vacation.

We realize that you might want to travel out of the Montgomery County area with your children. Some custody agreements have limits for how far out of the area you can go. Make sure that you find out if this applies. You also need to look at the conditions of travel. Do you need to let the court know the vacation plans? Do you have to let your ex know the itinerary? Finding these out now can save you trouble down the road.

As you make plans for vacations, make sure that you remember that your ex might be doing the same. Communicate with him or her about the plans. Discuss the dates and times with him or her. This can help to ensure that you aren’t planning overlapping vacations. It also gives you a chance to find out if there are any compromises that are necessary because of the vacations.

There are some cases that aren’t going to be easily rectified through negotiations. If you think that you will need the court to step in to provide an answer to a contentious matter, you should get the ball rolling now. This gives you time to try to have everything hashed out so that you can go and enjoy your vacation.

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