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Three signs that it’s time to consider custody modification

After a divorce, you may not feel very happy with the custody arrangements. You may not get to spend much time with your children or end up denied visitation and parenting time altogether for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, the courts recognize that situations change over time. Regardless of the outcome of your custody proceedings or the reason that they didn’t go in your favor, you will almost always have an opportunity to improve them and spend more time with your children through custody modification.

Modification of the initial custody order by the courts can help you get a more equitable and positive outcome after the finalization of your divorce. When your situation changes, you can request that the courts review the new situation and adjust your custody order accordingly. After all, the best interests of the children usually involve a relationship with both parents.

You’ve improved your situation

If your divorce catches you off guard or your transition is difficult, that could impact how the courts split up parental responsibilities in your divorce. You need to be able to provide for your children with a stable job. You should also have a place of your own with adequate space for the children when they visit. For many people, that just isn’t the reality during a divorce.

Small studio apartments, extended-stay motels, and similar living situations aren’t conducive to stability for your children. When you secure a job, find a place to live and otherwise get your life back together after the divorce, a custody modification can help you rebuild your relationship with your children as well.

Your ex is struggling with the kids

Sometimes, one person assumes too much responsibility and can’t handle it all in the wake of divorce. Many times, they won’t admit how difficult things have gotten. That can leave you worried about the quality of life your children have. Seeking additional parenting time is one way to relieve the pressure from your ex and ensure your children get the love and support they need.

If your ex has become unstable, that can also be an issue. Addiction, anger problems, and dating people who put children at risk could all be reasons to request a custody modification. While being with both of you is usually in the kids’ best interests, you also need to know that they’re safe.

You’ve sought help for a serious concern

In divorces that involve substance abuse, addiction, or familial abuse, the outcome of custody proceedings may favor one parent over the other quite strongly. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ever be a part of your kids’ lives again.

Proactively seeking to improve your parenting by getting the treatment, counseling, and support you need is a positive step. When you’ve addressed your addiction or sought therapy for anger issues, it may be time to consider a custody modification to regain precious parenting time with your children.

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