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Parenting plans are important for all custody situations

Parenting plans are a must if you and your children’s other parent are no longer in a relationship with one another. Whether you were married to each other or not, you have to make sure to hash matters out quickly so that the children can remain stable. We can help you to decide which issues you need to address.

There are several points that must be covered in the document. One of these is the custody and/or visitation schedule that the children will follow. It must outline who is going to have the children and when. Be sure to plan for changes that occur throughout the year. This includes the custody plan for holidays and other special days, as well as what will happen when the child isn’t in school. We can work with you to determine your options.

You also need to think about how the child will be financially supported. Generally, Maryland Child Support Guidelines determine which parent makes these payments and how much they will be. But parents also need to think beyond those basic payments. Who is paying for out-of-pocket medical expenses and school costs? How are extracurricular activities going to be covered? The more detailed you get about the finances now, the less likely there are going to be issues in the future.

Another thing that you might want to include in this document is the standard for communication and respect. Your children should not have to worry about their parents being rude or condescending to each other. We can assist you in formulating parenting plans that help your children to adjust to the new normal.

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