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Your attitude can impact child custody situations

Child custody situations and dilemmas aren’t always easy to handle. When you and your ex make the decision to co-parent, you have to be prepared to work together in all matters. For some parents, this is easier said than done. Make sure that you aren’t letting a pessimistic attitude negatively impact the situation.

Many different aspects come together to make co-parenting work. Co-parents have to be willing to compromise on all matters. Without this, situations might become more difficult than they need to be. This can lead to a need for court intervention in the custody dispute.

High-stress child custody situations

Many people don’t fare well under pressure, especially when the situation is as important as the custody of children. It is all too easy to fall into an all-or-nothing way of thinking in these cases. You might think that if you can’t have everything your own way, then nothing is going to work. This might not be the case. There is usually a middle ground where you and your ex can find the best solution that puts your children first.

When things seem to go wrong in child custody cases, remember that one small incident doesn’t equate to failure for the entire situation. Instead, it is just a reminder that everyone involved is human.

Negotiating through issues

You need to stand up for what you think is right in child custody matters, but decide carefully which issues are worth an argument. An example of what might qualify as important is a child’s schooling, while a child’s bedtime when staying with the other parent might not be worth the effort of an argument.

It might help to remember that your ex is going to do things his or her own way when with the kids. You might decide that supper is at 6 p.m. and bedtime is at 8 p.m. Your ex might have supper whenever and let the children stay up until 10 p.m. That isn’t something that is worth fighting over unless there are reasons why the child needs to be fed at the same time and must go to bed at exactly the same time each night.

As you go through these situations, remember that the child custody order is likely going to contain some answers for you. You must remain compliant with the order, so make sure you are doing your part. If there are issues that are too complex to handle alone and that aren’t discussed in the order, you might have to head back to court.

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