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Child support orders come after looking at many factors

Child support cases aren’t always easy to handle. Both of the parents might be concerned about how much these support payments are going to be. The paying parent likely hopes that the payments don’t take up too much money. Recipient parents probably hope the money can actually help with the many costs of raising the children once the child support orders are made.

The amount of child support that is ordered in a case isn’t some random number. The courts have a specific formula and some very strict guidelines about what can be ordered in these cases. Typically, one of the first things the judge will consider is the information provided on a financial statement that each of the parents complete. This includes income information and can include household expenses.

Another consideration in these cases is the division of parenting time. If the child will spend a larger portion of time with one parent, the other parent will usually have to pay child support, since the parent who usually has the child will likely be covering more of the direct expenses.

Some courts consider the standard of living that the child is accustomed to. Just because the parents divorce doesn’t mean that the child will be expected to go from a high standard of living down to living below the poverty line.

Before you go into a hearing regarding child support, you might want to look into what is possible. Knowing how the laws pertain to your case can certainly be beneficial in understanding your child support orders.

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