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Plans for the end of a marriage must address immediate needs

Divorce can be a stressful journey. You are bidding adieu to the life to which you’ve grown accustomed while you are embarking on a new, single life. On top of the legal process that you have to go through, you also need to think about the logistics that accompany the end of a marriage. We know this isn’t easy, but if you plan ahead for what’s to come, you might feel less stress.

You need to handle a few things that will impact you immediately. One of these is your finances. More than likely, you have a joint account with your spouse. When you end the marriage, you will need to move your money into an individual account. Make sure that you aren’t taking more out of the marital account than that to which you are legally entitled. We can help you to determine how to handle this important matter.

Another factor that you must think about right away is where you will live. Are you going to move out or is your ex moving out? While this is a decision that has to be made together, it is best made quickly so that whoever is going to leave can find a place. If you have children, you have to think about where they will live.

Speaking of children, child custody matters have to be discussed right away. Since children thrive on consistency, you shouldn’t leave the parenting plan up in the air for too long. We can help you find a way to create this plan. We can also work with you to address other issues that must be decided so the divorce can proceed.

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