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Child support orders should be well-rounded for the child’s needs

The end of a marriage when you have children together can be complicated. There are many factors to consider. While it might seem like all of these, including property division, child custody and support payments, are all tied together, they must be considered separately to a certain extent. You can’t base the child custody plan on who gets which assets.

One area that you might not have much of a say in is child support orders. Maryland has a set way of determining how much in support a parent has to pay. This is determined by many factors, including the incomes of the parents, who pays certain expenses for the child, and how parenting time is divided.

When a child support order is issued, it is meant to help the custodial parent cover the child’s needs. This doesn’t mean that the parent who gets the payments has to keep this money separated from other household money. It can be used to pay for food, shelter, clothing, extracurricular activities, school costs and other expenses.

Parents who receive child support usually don’t have to account for where they are spending the money. There is a possibility that the paying parent may raise questions about this if the child’s needs aren’t being met. In this case, the court might get involved if there are signs of neglect.

A child support orders can also include other financial obligations. Health insurance and uninsured medical expenses are two factors that are usually entered into the order. Some school and child care costs might also be in it. You should try to ensure that the order accurately reflects your child’s needs.

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