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Parenting plan schedule for teens

Having a teen when you go through your divorce is a bit easier in a way, but it can also add some complex elements to the split. The child might understand what is going on, so you might not have to do as much explaining. The area that might be more of a challenge is coming up with a schedule for child custody matters.

Teens usually have a lot going on. They likely have school and related activities. They may also have extracurricular activities like sports teams or clubs, and some might have a job. Add in the busy social life of many teens, and you can see why it might be hard to come up with a schedule.

We know that this can present a unique challenge, but using a flexible schedule and creative solutions can often help in these cases. You might find that it gets a bit easier when the teen can drive because then transportation might not be a big deal, especially if there is a vehicle available for them to use.

Another consideration that you should think about as part of child custody of a teen is the added expenses. If they are driving, you will need to include them on vehicle insurance. You and your ex need to discuss how this is going to work. You also have to figure out who’s going to pay for graduation expenses before it is time to start handing over money for those.

We realize that this might take quite a bit of thought, but you might find that working with your ex and your teen can help. In some instances, the teen might be able to take the lead on helping to come up with a schedule since they likely know their commitments.

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