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Know when and how to seek a child support modification

Child support orders are based on the circumstances in the situation at the time the order is created. It is possible and even likely that things might change in the future. These changes can lead to a modification of the order if they are significant enough. We know that you might want to ensure that your children’s financial needs are taken care of despite any future changes. We will help you determine if the support order needs to be modified.

There are only very specific circumstances that qualify for a modification. A significant change in the payer’s income might qualify if it is due to something that isn’t that person’s fault, such as a layoff or demotion. For parents who need to seek a modification, filing quickly is important since modifications aren’t retroactive.

When you modify child support orders, you must consider more than just the recurring payments. You also need re-evaluate the need to include compensation for medical expenses or daycare fees. All of these work together to ensure that your child has everything they need.

We know that some parents might not want to ask the court for permission to pay less support for their children. If you are one of these parents, remember that you can always pay your ex more money or buy extra things for the kids. However, you can’t just decide to pay less than the order specifies. This might make it a bit easier for you to seek the modification that can lead to your paying child support that’s in line with your current income. We are here to help you work through the process.

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