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Divorcing a narcissist is a challenging journey

Some divorces are based on the fact that one person is a narcissist who is so selfish that they can’t cooperate with their spouse to make the marriage work. When you come to the realization that you are married to someone who always has to have their way and who keeps the focus always on themselves, you may decide that you need to protect your own mental health.

While you might not know it right away, divorcing a narcissist comes with a unique set of challenges. Being prepared for these might help you as you go through the process. Above all, you must remember that now is the time to focus on your own needs. This might feel odd since you’ve had to cater to your ex for so long.

You should be prepared for the divorce to drag on. Narcissists have to have their own way all the time, so trying to negotiate with them is often a futile effort. You shouldn’t give in to all their demands just to get the divorce over with, however. But you must make sure to pick your battles carefully. This enables you to expend your energy where it truly matters.

One way that your ex might try to get their way is to play your emotions once they realize the marriage is truly over. They might try to anger you or cause you grief. Don’t allow their games to work. Instead, keep your focus on getting the divorce over with so that you truly move on with your life. If you do have to go through a trial to finalize everything while divorcing a narcissist, remember that this is only one step in your journey.

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