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Don’t play into the tactics of a hostile ex during divorce

Having to work with a hostile ex can make the divorce process feel like a nightmare. They will do anything they can at every turn to make your life miserable. It is so easy to fall into their train of thought and become just as hostile, but doing this will only affect you and won’t have any impact on your ex.

Some people can’t handle the transition from married to single life very well. This manifests into anger and they take it out on you. The only thing you can do in this situation is work to ensure that you are keeping a positive attitude about everything.

Your ex might thrive on conflict while you need to have peace. They might invent problems that aren’t really there. This can draw the divorce process out even longer than it has to be. When you start to notice them doing this, you might need to take a step back and focus on yourself.

Refuse to play into negative communication habits. Keep your statements to your ex respectful and factual. Treat the communication the same as you would a professional conversation. When you remain calm while they are acting up, you will retain more control of the situation.

Oftentimes, hostile exes want to control what you do. Taking that power away from them requires that you set clear boundaries. One of these should be that your children are never put into the middle of the conflicts.

It isn’t always possible to negotiate with a hostile ex. Because of this, you might find yourself heading toward a trial to resolve your divorce. No matter which resolution method you use, make sure that you protect your interests.

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