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Determine the underlying cause for unhappiness in marriage

Married couples have a lot to think about when they are trying to make things work. This runs the gamut from how to ensure both get to sleep to finding ways to communicate effectively, especially with unhappiness in marriage.

Unfortunately, not all couples are going to be able to work past these challenges. Determining the underlying cause for unhappiness with the marriage can help you plan your next steps.

4 common reasons for divorce

This year, a study surveyed 2,371 people who went through a divorce to find out the reason for the marriage ending. It found that the most common reason for divorce was that one or both individuals didn’t love the other person any longer. A whopping 47% cited this reason as the cause of their divorce.

Trouble communicating, either due to lack of it or differing styles, came in second with 44% of participants noting this as the cause. Trouble with trust, sympathy, and respect was reported in 34% of cases, and growing apart came in fourth with 32%.

Trying to work things out

Finding ways to keep the marriage together isn’t easy. Sometimes, this requires behavior changes, but it can also mean that both parties have to address their emotional needs. Married couples who don’t want to call it quits have to find ways to work through the challenges without losing sight of the importance of the marriage.

Addressing stress and unhappiness in marriage

Stress is one factor that can lead to trouble. Finding ways to reduce it can mean making big changes in your own life. For some, this might mean ensuring they get a good night’s sleep. An increasing number of homebuyers are looking for dual master bedrooms to help with this.

It might seem counterproductive to sleep apart from your spouse, but trying this out is beneficial in some circumstances. Now referred to as a sleep divorce, sleeping in separate bedrooms is being hailed as a miracle solution for people who have incompatible sleep needs. This occurs when one spouse snores, temperature needs are opposites, or due to other factors where one or both parties are light sleepers or require a full bed to themselves to get the soundest sleep.

When everything fails

Even if you try your best, you might find that the marriage is over. You have to be prepared to protect your interests if you think you are heading toward a divorce. The process can involve property division, child custody, and financial support. Knowing your options can help you determine how you are going to proceed. You and your ex might be able to negotiate the terms of the divorce, but litigation is always possible if you can’t come to an agreement.

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