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Variety of ways to support your kids during divorce

Keeping the focus on the kids during divorce and a child custody matter isn’t always easy. You and your ex are going to have to make a joint effort to work things out so the kids can thrive. They need to know that their parents are both there for them even though they don’t all live in the same home now.

The parenting agreement that you have in place for the children must address them directly. It should include terms that meet their current needs. As they grow and mature, the agreement might require modification. This is something to keep in mind for later while you focus on their present needs.

With the terms of the parenting plan in place, you and your ex should work to keep all conflict away from the kids. Not only does this help to show them a united parenting front, but it also keeps the stress they feel to a minimum. Witnessing their parents argue and fight can have a negative impact on them.

Your children are going to need support during this transition. They need to know that they can come to you with their concerns and that they have a safe space for expressing their emotions. You can provide them with guidance on how to do this in an acceptable manner.

While you are going through a divorce with them, you can help them adjust by introducing fun new traditions. The kids need to see that even though things aren’t the same, they can still have fun and enjoy spending time with both parents. Some children worry that they won’t ever be happy again, so this can help them to see that you want them to once again find their joy.

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