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How do you know when your marriage is over?

The start of a new year is often a time of reflection, and many people who are married begin to think about the future of the union. Some might begin to wonder whether the marriage is going to last. This can lead to the difficult decision about filing for divorce.

If you are considering divorce, make sure that you are ready to stand by whatever decision you make. This is especially true if you decide to file for divorce because your spouse might not be willing to work on the marriage if you file and then decide that you don’t want to split up. Before you head to your attorney’s office, think about these points.

Are you still emotionally connected?

Your marriage might be over if you don’t have an emotional connection to your spouse any longer. You need to carefully consider your feelings, including whether you love them or not. It might take you a while to determine this. Be sure to take your time so that you don’t make a split-second decision based on a temporary situation.

Are you willing to fight for the marriage?

A marriage that you aren’t willing to fight for might be over. This doesn’t mean a physical fight. Instead, think about how much of an effort you’re willing to put into working through the problems. A person who isn’t willing to do anything to save the relationship might decide that divorce is the best option because things aren’t going to change.

Have you thought about what life will be like?

Most people know that they shouldn’t stay married just for the comfort of not having to change. Still, you should think about what life will be like after the divorce. You might realize that your spouse remains your best friend and that you can’t imagine living your daily life without them there.

Will divorce benefit the children?

If you have children, you need to consider them when making the decision. You likely shouldn’t remain married just to keep things the same for the kids. If they are having to deal with constant stress from disagreements between you and their other parent, they might fare better if you do end the marriage.

While many people have ample time to think about whether to divorce, there are some who need to make a quick decision. Victims of domestic violence often need to leave quickly. In these cases, self-protection is the top priority. Grabbing basic necessities like a bit of cash and having a place to go can make the split easier. However, you still need to take steps to boost your safety.

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or not, you have rights during the divorce process. Your divorce team must focus on protecting those rights and helping you to learn your options. Carefully consider each point before making your decisions.

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