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Shelly McKeon Featured in The Daily Record

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed law firms across Maryland (and nationwide) to invest more in technology, from purchasing webcams for attorneys to appear virtually in court to investing in cybersecurity technology.

At The McKeon Law Firm, for instance, we recently updated our practice management software and invested in new laptop computers for all employees, better enabling them to work from home, interact with clients, and attend remote Court hearings in a socially distanced world. Shelly McKeon, the founding attorney of our two-lawyer firm, told The Daily Record that making technological improvements was something that she would have done eventually but that the pandemic propelled her to make investments sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere across the state, law firms are beefing up their investments in technology to benefit both their employees and their clients. Technology budgets are increasing to provide employees with the tools they need to work remotely, while also providing clients with a way to communicate with their attorneys from the safety of home.

Investments in cybersecurity tools have also allowed attorneys to protect sensitive client matters, while other online tools, such as customer relations management software, have offered attorneys the ability to access all of their client’s information in one centralized location. Many firms are also beginning to adapt to cloud-based software, permitting them to share data across devices.

The McKeon Law Firm remains committed to ensuring our firm is equipped with the technology our attorneys need to properly serve our clients in the post-COVID world. Attorney McKeon agrees. “I don’t see us going backward,” she said. “I thought we were really far ahead before, but I think COVID and the necessity of working remotely have pushed us forward.”

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We understand that family issues can be emotional and even traumatizing. Our goal is to remove as much anxiety and fear as possible from legal proceedings by approaching every legal situation with professionalism and sensitivity while keeping the best interests of our client top of mind. If you have questions about a specific legal matter or are interested in knowing more about our practice areas, reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated Maryland family law attorneys.

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