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Making the most of a separation before divorce


One's path in life in never guaranteed. Even the most diligent planners could find the course of their lives changed dramatically in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the reason for the change is the end of a marriage. Among other ways, a divorce could change the financial situation of those involved, as well as the amount of time each parent spends with children, if there are any.

What to expect during a separation

While a divorce is of course what formally ends the marriage, the period of separation is extremely important. In addition to being a trial run for living without one's spouse, it also is a time during which matters related to a divorce can be addressed. Through negotiations, matters pertaining to children-such as child custody and support-can be resolved. So too can spousal support (if necessary) and the division of assets. In addition, other post-divorce issues can be resolved.

Tips for navigating a separation

Just how long it will take to reach a settlement will depend on a variety of factors. During the period of separation, if possible, it is a good idea to:

  • Develop a budget that takes into consideration what life will be like financially following the divorce.
  • Treat your soon-to-be ex the way you would like them to treat you.
  • If you have children together with your soon-to-be ex, do your best to continue to amicably communicate.
  • Hold off on making any big decisions regarding money.

While divorce is the end of one chapter of life, it is also the beginning of another. To start that next chapter in a good position, it is important to secure the best possible settlement. The lawyers at The McKeon Law Firm understand this. To learn more about they may help you navigate your divorce, contact them online or call 301-417-9222.

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