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March 2017 Archives


How to determine alimony in Maryland

Even though a large number of marriages end in divorce, not all of them include alimony, which is a form of spousal support. In a typical alimony scenario, one of the former spouses will pay their ex-spouse periodically to help that spouse pay for bills and other necessities as he or she 'rehabilitates' back into the workforce. Alimony can occur in one of two ways; either the couple comes to an agreement or a court issues the order.

Same-sex custody case lawsuit allowed to proceed

A same-sex custody case lawsuit is allowed to proceed after a U.S. District Court judge in Vermont issued a ruling this week. The lawsuit was filed by a woman whose former civil union partner left the country with the couple's child instead of sharing custody. The judge ruled the lawsuit could proceed because one of the defendants is set to be sentenced in a separate criminal case.

What are the child support guidelines in Maryland?

Child support is an important topic of discussion no matter where you live. It comes up with each divorce case that involves children. It also can become a heated point of contention, even if the family tries to put the needs of the children before all else. So, what are the child support guidelines in the state of Maryland?

Important issues to discuss with your divorce attorney

Filing for a divorce is never easy, even if your marriage has been strained for quite some time. You should know what to expect when filing for divorce in Maryland. Divorce can be contentious. It can be quick and painless if you and your spouse get along well. It can also be confusing and difficult if there are high assets involved. Here are some important issues to discuss with your divorce attorney.

Thinking of separating? You may want to do it legally

Usually, when a couple is thinking of divorce, they separate in order to decide if they want to go through with a permanent split or attempt a reconciliation. However, if you and your husband do not want to permanently divorce but need to separation, a court approved separation might be your best option.

Can you afford a 'gray divorce' over the age of 65?

A "gray divorce" is a divorce that occurs later in life, typically after the age of 65. In fact, divorces involving couples over age 65 account for 25 percent of all Americans who divorce after the age of 50. This type of divorce has also more than doubled since 1990. These divorces have caused quite a bit of financial strain on the couples, especially the women.

How to solve a child custody dispute in Maryland

Child custody issues crop up all the time in Maryland and not many parents know how to solve them. These issues can sometimes be solved easily, but there are times when others need to get involved. The many of child custody issues in Maryland are solved before they reach the court level due to the options explained below.

Divorcing and splitting your retirement account can be hard

Getting divorced is often an emotional and complex time for people. The later in life you divorce, the more final it may all seem. You may try to take the high road by not asking for your fair share of marital assets, but that could have long-term repercussions on your life. If you are divorcing, you need to ensure that your future and finances are protected. That often means seeking a fair portion of any retirement account you and your spouse have contributed to over the years of your marriage. When splitting assets like retirement accounts, the help of an experienced attorney is invaluable.

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