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May 2017 Archives


Can collaborative divorce work for you?

Sometimes, an issue preventing someone from getting a divorce is the possibility of spending tens of thousands of dollars that they do not have trying to protect their rights. Indeed, no one wants to be taken advantage of in divorce simply because they don't have a financial warchest to defend themselves. Because of this, some people waste a great deal of time trying to gain a tactical advantage.

How to create a child support agreement for college tuition

Child support is an important part of the divorce and/or custody process and something that should never be overlooked. Coming up with a child support agreement that satisfies both parents and helps support the children is vital. This can include creating an agreement that addresses how college tuition will be handled.

How do I make joint custody work?

Joint child custody is sticky situation for millions of families across the country. Many parents, even those who naturally get along, might have trouble handling a joint custody arrangement. If this is the case, there are steps to take to make the situation as easy going as possible. So, how do I make joint custody work?

The most inopportune times to initiate a divorce

With the calendar turning to May, we are still quite a ways away from January. Why is that significant? Because the first month of the New Year is traditionally the most popular month for divorces to be initiated. It is likely that people in troubled marriages want to start the New Year fresh by leaving a troubling spouse.

Domestic violence: 5 types to watch for in divorce

Domestic violence is a danger to the victim in the relationship. The person who is a victim suffers from mental or physical injuries as the person who is the abuser tries to take control of the other person. Those who struggle with this in their relationships may have a hard time seeking a divorce for fear that the abuse will worsen. Fortunately, there are protective orders to help.

Reasons to request alimony modification

Alimony is support paid by one spouse to the other when the couple divorces. It can be used to pay the bills, pay for insurance, pay loans, buy groceries, pay for other necessities and much more. There are times when the alimony payment amount can be changed, but there aren't many reasons for this to happen.

Parental relocation and divorce in Maryland

Divorce is a touchy subject for some, especially children. Sometimes children just don't understand why their parents are divorcing. They might blame one parent over the other or they might even blame themselves. The fact of the matter is that divorce affects each child differently. A divorced couple in Maryland should know how parental relocation affects the child.

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