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4 things to consider when making vacation plans with kids


Now is the time that parents are going to start planning summer vacations, but there are special considerations for people who are traveling with children. When that trip involves children who are the subject of a custody agreement, there are even more things to think about.

Whether you are taking a trip for a few days or longer, you must ensure that you are doing things in the correct manner. The planning might take a bit more time, but you will likely find that you can enjoy the vacation knowing that you are abiding by the custody agreement.

Look at the agreement and the calendar

You must ensure that you are planning your vacation for the correct time. While many custody orders give preference to vacations over regular parenting time, make sure that your ex is going to still get their time with the kids. The last thing you need is to cut the travel plans too close, so it might not be a good idea to plan a flight on the same day that your kid comes back to you from your ex's house.

Discuss the plans

Talk to your ex about the plans. By doing this well in advance of the trip, you can find out if there are any conflicts that might prevent you from being able to do what you want. This is also the opportunity for you to find out if your ex has any plans for your children that might conflict with your itinerary.

Determine document requirements

You might need specific documents to travel with your children. This is usually the case for international travel, but there are some cases that might require you to have certain things for domestic travel. Find out what you need and get it together ahead of time. Another thing that you may need is a copy of the child's health insurance card so that you can get medical care for them during the trip if necessary.

Think about communication

During your vacation, your children might want to speak to the other parent. Make plans for how this will happen. While you are doing this, consider what you will do to help the kids share the memories they are making. While you should try to grab pictures for memory preservation, don't let the desire to do so overshadow being able to enjoy the moments.

You might have multiple other things to think about. Some people who are going on international vacations might need a Ne Exeat Bond, which helps to ensure the traveling parent abides by the custody agreement outside of the United States. If you have any questions, seek legal assistance to have them answered before you finalize plans.

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