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A carefully drafted prenuptial agreement can save headaches and heartaches should you ever decide to divorce. Like a separation agreement, it can and should contain very detailed information regarding division of marital property, recognition of non-marital assets, inheritance issues, support issues and child custody issues. It is an asset protection device that also protects children from previous marriages.

At the Gaithersburg and Bethesda offices of The McKeon Law Firm, we take pride in the level of detail we bring to the creation of a prenuptial agreement. Also called a prenup or premarital agreement, it is a document that is executed prior to marriage. Because we do not recommend rushing into a document of this detail, our attorneys also prepare post-nuptial agreements which can accomplish many of the same objectives as a prenuptial agreement, but are executed after the marriage.

Common Prenuptial Concerns

The most common instance where a prenuptial agreement makes sense is in a second marriage. There may be significant assets coming in to the marriage, or in some instances, there may be pre-marital debts for which one party wants to be solely responsible. An agreement prior to co-mingling assets is a common need.

Making arrangements for children from a previous marriage is another common reason for a prenuptial agreement. How is inheritance handled? In the event of a spouse’s death, who cares for the children? Who has responsibility for healthcare, college tuition or wedding costs? Is each spouse financially responsible for only their biological children, or is responsibility shared?

A prenuptial agreement is a way to put your affairs in order and make decisions while in a calm and reflective mode rather than make decisions during a crisis. Because not every eventuality can be imagined, you can instead agree on how you will settle any disagreements — whether by arbitration or mediation.

Feel Secure Placing Your Concerns in Our Hands

At The McKeon Law Firm, we replace fear with knowledge, confidence and the assurance that your divorce is being handled in the best way possible. Call our Maryland law firm at either 301-417-9222 or 202-742-1800, or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. We look forward to helping you with your prenuptial agreement.

We have two convenient office locations, one in Gaithersburg and one in Bethesda.

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