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Bethesda Separation Agreement Attorneys

Many people believe that the divorce decree is a finely detailed document that covers all contingencies. In reality, a legal separation agreement can contain much more detail compared to what is typically contained within the decree ordered by a court.

“The detail included within a legal separation agreement can translate into a smoother divorce process and post divorce relationship.” — Attorney Shelly McKeon

Our experience with divorce helps us anticipate issues which may arise in a complex divorce, and which should be covered in a separation agreement.

At the Gaithersburg and Bethesda offices of The McKeon Law Firm, we take pride in the accuracy, detail, completeness and enforceability of the legal separation agreements we prepare for our clients. Because our attorneys frequently represent clients with significant assets and those who are business owners, we are accustomed to drafting finely tuned documents.

Negotiation Leads the Way

The negotiation portion of the process is where the experience of our law firm makes itself most apparent. We believe strongly that a thorough negotiation process and detailed document draft will save you court expenses and headaches in the long run. We have experience with the following:

  • Forensic analysis of the opposing party’s finances and our client’s current finances
  • Inclusion of a plan for common post-divorce scenarios such as remarriage, relocation and reaching retirement age
  • Inclusion of a method for dealing with future disagreements so the parties know how to agree to disagree
  • All agreements regarding child custody, child support and spousal support
  • All agreements regarding the division of property including proceeds from the sale of a home or business, retirement plans and taxation issues

Feel Secure Placing Your Concerns in Our Hands

At The McKeon Law Firm, we provide you with the knowledge, confidence and the assurance that your divorce is being handled by attorneys with experience. Call our Gaithersburg law firm at either 301-417-9222 or 202-742-1800, or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. We look forward to helping you with your divorce and legal separation agreement.

We have two convenient office locations, one in Gaithersburg and one in Bethesda.

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