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Permanent alimony, still a possibility for Marylanders

Imagine for a moment that you and your spouse are going through divorce proceedings. You didn't sign a premarital agreement so at this juncture, you and your spouse are hammering out financial details such as who will be responsible for making child support payments and who should pay alimony to the other spouse.

Child support arrearages and Maryland's debt compromise program

As some of our Gaithersburg readers know from personal experience, child support enforcement in Maryland could be better. It's estimated by the Office of Child Support Enforcement that, nationwide, a total of roughly $100 billion in child support arrearages has accumulated since the creation of the nation child support enforcement program more than 40 years ago. Though arrearages here in Maryland only make up a fraction of this total, it's an amount that is felt by each and every family who is currently waiting for overdue support payments.

Good to know: Indefinite alimony is still a thing in Maryland

Fifty years ago, alimony requests were a major part of divorce proceedings. This was due in part to the fact that there weren't as many women in the workforce as there are today. Many women stayed home with the kids, losing years of opportunities to further their careers and earn an income of their own. In those days, alimony payments were necessary for a woman to maintain financial stability after a divorce. The same is not true today.

When is it a good idea to ask for alimony?

Imagine you have just learned that your spouse has been cheating on your for a number of months. Considered as fault and grounds for divorce, you file the necessary paperwork to begin the dissolution of your marriage. Because you hired an attorney, you are more aware of your rights under Maryland law, such as your right to ask for alimony payments.

A look at third-party custody rights in Maryland

Here in Maryland, family law issues aren't always easy to sort out without legal representation. That's because our state's laws have been in existence for many, many years; and over the course of that time, statutes have been added, subtracted or amended, making our laws more complex and difficult to understand without the right legal background.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Maryland - what now?

There is a battle raging in America today. No, there isn't a foreign invader or an insurgent rebel force. The battle is an ideological and cultural fight. On one side there are proponents of same-sex marriage, arguing for equal treatment before the law. On the other side there are proponents of traditional marriage, which they define as marriage between only one man and one woman. Recently, this issue was being contested on perhaps the last and most crucial battleground, the Supreme Court of the United States. The Court's decisions on two pivotal same-sex marriage cases could prove decisive. However, regardless of the outcome in these cases, same-sex marriage has already been legalized in nine states, including Maryland. As result, family law issues concerning same-sex couples will continue to arrive before the state courts, and these issues could bring a unique kind of dilemma.

Failure to pay child support leads man to sell house

As readers of our previous posts have probably seen, the failure to pay child support is a serious concern in Maryland and throughout the country. Billions of dollars are owed throughout America in child support arrears, and it doesn't look like the problem is going to be getting better anytime soon. However, a recent effort in Maryland turned out to successfully result in the full payment of one man's unpaid child support - an effort that came at the last possible moment for this man.

Custody and a parent's disability - what's right, what's wrong?

Our Maryland readers probably know that a custody dispute can be one of the most heartrending parts of a divorce or any other type of an end to a relationship. Child custody can be one of the most contentious issues for a separating couple to come to terms with, especially when both parents feel like they are equally involved in the child's life. There are a variety of factors that a court will consider when trying to make the determination regarding what is in the best interests of the child. But a recent news story highlighted one factor which may be inadvertently rising to the surface in some cases: a parent's disability.

Maryland's child support problems continue

Children depend on their parents to support them, no matter if the parents are divorced or if they were never married to begin with. When a court issues a child support order, the expectation is that the parent who is ordered to pay will do so as directed - in the amount ordered and on time. Unfortunately, that is not the case in far too many instances, and failure to pay child support has become a major problem in the state of Maryland, as well as throughout the country. A recent report has now indicated that the problem, it seems, is not getting much better.

Same-sex marriage prompts Marylanders to prep for more divorce

The results of the recent Election Day in Maryland has brought about the prospect of a reality that thousands of residents have been hoping for - legal same-sex marriage. The vote in Maryland, along with a similar vote in Maine, has been lauded as another major step forward for the rights and privileges of gay couples and individuals. And many did not waste any time proceeding with wedding plans.

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