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Property division more complex in subsequent divorces

When Maryland couples marry early on in life, say, in their 20s, they typically do not have much in terms of assets. They might be fresh out of college and just starting a career. However, when people divorce and get married again in their 40s, 50s or beyond, there is usually more at stake should that marriage also end in divorce. Because of this, it is important for anyone considering a second, third or subsequent marriage to take stock of their assets, and look into a prenuptial agreement.

Know your assets prior to a divorce

When a Maryland resident is contemplating the decision on whether or not to file for divorce, they usually have more questions than answers. As previous posts here have mentioned, having the right information before a decision is made can make a big difference in the end result.

What are the divorce options for Maryland residents?

When someone is considering a divorce, they may already have a preconceived image in their mind about what the process will be like. Many people envision contentious and lengthy court battles, over issues ranging from child custody and support to property division.

Does complex property division keep people from getting divorced?

It is doubtful that any of our Maryland readers thinks that a person contemplates divorce as a lighthearted and easy decision. For most people, the decision is gut-wrenching. No matter whether a marriage has lasted one year or 20, divorce essentially results in the complete disintegration of what was once a happy home. But, the fact of the matter is that there are probably just as many people in America who stay unhappily married because they don't know what to expect from themselves post-divorce. A recent article recognized that one of the biggest overriding problems for these types of people is one of the largest parts of the divorce process: property division.

What will you do with business assets during a divorce?

Many of our more regular readers are probably becoming familiar with all of the issues that can come up in a divorce involving complex property division. In almost every divorce asset division is one of the touchiest issues, ranking right up there with child support arguments and child custody disputes. However, for some couples the division of marital property involves greater concerns that just who gets the house and who gets the car. For some, the assets at the heart of property division are business assets.

Do you think of insurance when you think of assets?

When our Maryland readers think about complex property division, they probably envision huge amounts of marital property that is subject to a split, along with numerous bank accounts, the complex valuation of artwork or vicious fights over assets that have sentimental value to both spouses. However, one difficult part of the property division process often gets overlooked: splitting insurance.

The jewel of the marital property - the family home

When it comes to filing for divorce in Maryland, most of our readers know that complex property division issues can take up more time - and money - than most want to think about. And, when it comes to property division, oftentimes the most contentious point of order comes down to the most important piece of property - the house.

Divorce fight gets worse for NASCAR CEO Brian France

When a divorce gets contentious, it can seem like the wheels come off of the whole process rather quickly. Most of our Maryland readers probably think that no one wants to find themselves in the middle of a heated divorce fight, especially if it is a high asset divorce. With the multitude of issues to be decided by the parties, albeit with the help and direction of the judge, less friction can often be the best route. However, for one NASCAR CEO currently battling it out with his ex-wife in court, he is taking his fight to the next level in his attempt to keep their proceeds private.

Ex-Yahoo executive settles high-asset divorce

Divorce is seldom easy, whether it transpires in Maryland or elsewhere. Splitting up marital assets, ranging from the family home to bank accounts, is often a long and time-consuming process. This is the case even in divorces in which parties are cordial or assets limited. However, when an Internet giant and $71 million in assets are involved, divorce can quickly turn into a damaging downward spiral tainted with greed and revenge. The world of high-asset divorce can be difficult, if not impossible, to navigate alone.

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