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Creating an accurate child support plan through diligence

Maryland uses a calculator and formula to determine the amount of money that non-custodial parents must pay. However, disputes arise when the support payment causes a financial burden. Most non-custodial parents are obligated to pay child support, but this can be problematic when they are suffering from job loss, bankruptcy or a job with irregular income. But, by thoroughly assessing one's economic and employment situations, it's possible to reach an agreement that is favorable for both sides.

Ex not paying child support? Garnish Social Security benefits

As many Maryland parents can attest, raising a child is a lot of hard work. Caring for one also takes a lot of money and it can be difficult for a single parent to pay for all of the expenses involved. If the parent works outside the home, there are day care expenses, as well as medical bills, food, clothing, shelter and other daily expenses. It can be especially challenging when the child's father or mother refuses to pay child support. Many may not know that if the other parent is receiving certain Social Security benefits, this income can be garnished and given to the custodial parent for child support. Read on to learn more about this process.

Rockville doctor owes $100K in child support, loses license

Many parents fail to pay child support because they believe the penalties are minor. Most of the time, they avoid jail because it's useless to imprison someone instead of allowing that person to make money by working. However, the stakes are higher if someone has a professional license - such as a doctor - and the state revokes it. That was what recently happened to a Maryland doctor after he racked up more than $100,000 in delinquent payments.

When child support modification may be needed

Raising a child can be costly for many Maryland parents. It is often financially impossible for one parent to care for a child alone, which is why states go to great lengths to ensure that non-custodial parents are fulfilling their child support obligations. Nonetheless, what happens if a parent becomes unemployed for an extended period of time and cannot pay the monthly amount? Alternatively, what if the parent gets a better-paying job or a sizable raise; can the custodial parent request a child support increase? These are changes in circumstances that can be addressed in a child support agreement modification.

Baseball star ordered to pay more child support

Many couples in Maryland who have a child together have unequal incomes. While this is not often a problem while the couples are raising their children together, it can become a contentious issue when the parents separate or divorce. Both parents are expected to contribute to the expenses of raising a child and if one parent was contributing more than the other when the two parents lived together, it seems logical that that parent would make considerable child support payments for the child if he or she is not the primary custodial parent. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, however.

Unpaid child support a major problem, but Maryland makes strides

Most of our Maryland readers probably know that child support is a financial obligation that millions of parents throughout the country depend on to help with the every day expenses involved in raising a child. But most people probably also know that there are many parents with an obligation to pay child support who do not do so in a timely manner. A recent report detailed just how extensive the problem is in America.

Child support division in a Maryland county receives recognition

Most of the news stories our Maryland readers see that address child support situations usually cover celebrities either seeking thousands of dollars per month in child support or facing penalties because of a failure to pay child support. So, it is always good to see positive news coverage surrounding this difficult family law issue - like the report that the Child Support Enforcement Division of one Maryland county recently received an award from the state Department of Human Resources.

Can technology play a role in avoiding child support disputes?

Technology seems to play a part in everything Americans do these days, so why not child support too? That seems to have been the thinking behind an Internet application designed to help both paying and receiving parents keep track of child support obligations.

USDA releases report detailing cost of raising a child

Raising a child can be quite costly in today's world. According to a new annual report known as the Cost of Raising a Child report, the USDA found that middle class families that had a child in 2012 can expect to spend $241,080 raising that child to age 17. This equates to a 2.6 percent increase since 2011 with the jump resulting from higher healthcare, child care, education, and clothing costs. The USDA claims this report is helpful for families who are planning on having children and also for courts setting child support guidelines.

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